Access Quick Loans in Nigeria – Get Instant Cash Loans

Access Quick Loans in Nigeria – Get quick personal cash loan with no collateral needed. Are you broke and need some cash for a business, school fees, house rent or a littles financial top up to add to your cash for that deal?  


We all know how frustrating it can be when we out of cash and need to execute some project! Here is a good news for you! You can now get personal loans within 24 hours and still have your reputation intact.


In this article, we shall direct you various loans givers links, website and requirements on how to secure non-collateral and less percentage interest loans company and individuals .

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Access Quick Loans in Nigeria – Get Instant Cash Loans

Here is a list of where you can access quick loans online and offline. Some the this loan givers may require some registration process and every loan collector needs to accepts their terms and condition which a little favorable to the receiver .

  1. Paylater

It is an online platform that provides short term to Nigerians. They provide loans within 24 hours of request. Customers can receive loans with no collateral.

How to Apply for Paylater Loan
  • Sign up the Paylater platform
  • Correctly fill in their registration form
  • Enter the requested details
  • Complete the loan application form and
  • Wait for response from the paylater team for progress or approval report. (as soon as it is approved, your account is credited within five (5) mnutes.

You download their mobile app from their website, Play Store or Here

Click to Download –

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  1. Renmoney

Renmoney operate under a microfinance bank license. Offers customers unsecured cash fast loans with no collateral needed. Customers can either be self-employed or salary earner.

Types of loans they offers

  1. Loan@Work
  2. Smartphone Finance
  3. School Fees Loan
  4. Point of Sale Loa

To access loan visit Renmoney, kindly visit their website for more information and registration.


  1. iMoney 

Offers loans with interest charged, your account is funded within 24 hours of successful application.

Contact phone number : +2348052374354 +2347083453505

Website (

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  1. Startcredits

Types of loan available on startcredits

  • Vehicle
  • Education rent business


  1. ONEFi

Is a simply mobile lending platform that provide short term loan. They provide 24 hours, 7 day a week loan service. Quick service. The app is requires to access the platfor.

Download app here


  1. FINT

Fint offers borrowers loans as low 2% interest rate per month . All you need to access Fint loan is to answer the risk assessment and investors question correctly.

  1. Dash Me Money

  2. -is an international  no payback request, no collateral, guarantee loan platform. Borrowers do not have to pay for registration, it is free and can get loan of 150,000 naira after registration

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  1. QuickCheck

QuickCheck has one of the lowest interest rate, with an interest rate of 1% per day

You can check this other site too


  • Fairmoney


  • Kwikcash







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