China may renegotiate “One China” Policy with U.S government


U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has pulled attention to the “One China” policy which Tiawan is among.

During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, U.S president-elect said, “ I fully understand the  “One China” policy.

Unless we make a deal  with China having to do with things including trade, devaluation and tax”, i see no reason why the US should continuing abiding by the “One China” policy”.

What is “one China” Policy

“One China” policy is to the view that there is only one state called “China”, meaning the “PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA”, with Taiwan to become “ Special Administrative” after the unification.

Chines Government Warns Donald Trumps Intentions

The Chinese government has warned against the president-elect intentions of calling for new deal for the “One China” policy. Donald Trumps intention on the “One China” Policy may impair ties between U.S and China.

Donald Trump, in his interview with Fox News, blamed China for not cooperating  with U.S  on North Korea and devaluing it’s currency.

There are a lot of questions running through the minds of people around the world.

1.what are the implications of Donald Trumps intentions of calling for a new deal on the “One China”   policy?

  1. Will the Chinese government agree to the new deal U.S president-Elect may demand?
  1. what does the future hold on the new deal?

We await answers as the issue may be addressed with time.



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