Download Latest Chess Game for PC and Mobile – Learn Top moves

Download Latest Chess Game for PC and Mobile – There are various fun and educating board games, but chess is the king of all board games! Download latest chess and learn new moves, be a pro and the best in the game.

If you desire to be a better chess player, improve your skills and win every tournament you are part off, learn more skill and tricks  and have the latest chess game on your PC or Mobile, then you are in the right place.

Chess is not just a popular board game but it’s a game of strategy, deep thinking and accurate calculations. Many believes, it is game for genius!

It is a game between two players. You can have either a friendly competition between friends, play against the computer, or an online tournament with other players around the world.

If you are familiar with the board games only, try the chess app. You get a better experience. You can listen to your choice of music as you play. The app provides you with sophisticated hint system that show possible move to you learn and win in the tournament quickly.

The PC and Mobile version comes with no limitations, giving you and amazing high definition graphics and great sound selections.



This is a two player board game containing 8 rows and 8 columns. The squares of a chess board alternate in colors between light and dark with an emphasis on strategy.


Latest Chess Game for PC and Mobile – Learn Top moves – Be a Pro


 A complete chess game has the following piece on the two ends of the board:

  1. 8 Pawns
  2.  Bishops 2
  3. Knights 2
  4. 2 Rooks
  5. 1 Queen
  6. 1 King

 The two players have different colors to be able to differentiate their piece on the board. These piece are arranged on two lines, with all the 8 pawns on the front line. These pawns have potentials to become “top piece” like the queen, Knights, Rooks if they can get to the other end of the player’s side.

The center two squares hold the king and queen; the queen is placed on the square which matches the player’s color.

 The white queen is on a light-colored square and the black queen is on a dark-colored square.

The bishops are placed in the empty squares next to the king and queen. The knights are placed on the squares next to the bishops. Finally, a rook is placed on each end of the row.

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 Every piece on the chess board has it own unique method of movement. Piece move to available square except when attacking another piece of the opponent.


Pawns Movements

At the first move of a move, a pawn can move two square. Pawn moves straight forward and not side ways.

 A Pawn captures opponent piece diagonally in front of it. Every pawn has two special moves.

Knight Movements

The knight moves in an L shape or pattern. It horse looks give it the jumping ability making very difficult to block.

Bishop Movements

The bishop moves in a diagonal direction

Queen Movements

All queens has all piece movement except that of the knights. They move squares in horizontal and vertical move.

Rook Movements

This special piece moves when casting and  moves horizontal and vertically.

King Movements

Kings can only take one step either forward, backward or side ways.

Download Latest Chess Game for PC and Mobile – Learn Top moves – Be a Pro    

To download chess for your PC copy any of the below link and paste in your choice browser and you are go to go.


download game for your for your mobile –  copy any of the below link and paste in your choice browser and you are go to go.


You want to learn latest moves and become a pro visit this link



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