Suspected Berlin Christmas Market attacker released

Suspected Berlin Christmas Market attacker release – According to report,The attack at the Breitscheidplatz market left 12 people and 49 hurt.

The only suspect held after the lorry attack on a Berlin Christmas Market has been released.

The suspect was released on lack of sufficient evidence to pursue the case against him.

Busy Barlin Christmas Market looks quiet as investigators search for clues, with near by roads blocked.

In a latest report by CNN news “Berlin police president Klaus Kandt said Tuesday that officials could not be certain that the man in custody, who was picked uyp about a mile away from  market, was responsible for the attack”. ….. read more…

Identity of Barlin Christmas Market Attck

German interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said the man, who he said was probably from Pakistan,” had denied any involvement in the attack.

Berlin police have called on the public to remain alert, as confusion swirled over who might have been behind the wheel when the truck barreled over curb into the crowded market.

News has it that, the truck, which was owned by a polish company, “ was steered deliberately into the crowd,’ police said.

The truck was carrying 25 tons of steel at the time, according to Ariel Zurawski, the owner of the truck company.

Angel Merkel the German Chancellor dressed in black said “ I know that it would be especially hard to bear for us if it was not confirmed that a person (who) committed this act.. was given protection and asylum in Germany,” Merkel said.

De Maizier said that Berlin Christmas market would be closed for a day of mourning on Tuesday.

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor has vowed to punish those responsible for the attack “ as harsly as the law requires”.

German Chancellor Angel Merkel, she has held on to her welcoming policy towards refugees fleeing war and persecution, and a majority of Germans have continued to support her.

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