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mini clip  free Online Games – Welcome to the world of free online games., is where you can play and download a variety of games ranging from action games, sport games, mobile games, puzzle games and many more.

The games available on miniclip  are playable on all mobile phone operating system. This means android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS can all enjoy the same fun while playing online games on miniclip  and you can also download any game and play on the go without an internet connection. Ain’t that awesome?

The purpose of this article is to guided user on easy signup, download and how to play and enjoy games on for free. miniclip 

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Miniclip Free Online Games Signup/Download –

Playing and downloading games on Miniclip is easy and pleasurable. You don’t have to won a mobile phone before you can play any game on miniclip website. I know you are shocked about that!


Games  played and downloaded on miniclip ?

  1. sport games
  2. action games
  3. puzzle games
  4. Girl’s games
  5. Adventure
  6. Flash games
  7. Kid games
  8. Card games
  9. Board games
  10. Racing games
  11. Ball games

Features of minclip online games

  1. Compile games statistics such as (high score, rankings and award received).
  2. You can create your own avatar with clothing to represent you.
  3. Play single or multiplayer games with other player around the world.
  4. Lovely graphical interface.
  5. Select version of mobile games for free.
  6. Play games without owning a mobile .
  7. Save and continue game later.
  8. Download game and play on the go.

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How to signup for

Signing up for miniclip game is simple, easy and does not require any financial commitment.

For you to enjoy all the features on miniclip, a short registration is required.

The registration can be done in two ways. We shall guide you through on how to use any of them is signing up for miniclip online games.

The first way to sign up on miniclip

  1. Log on to the website (
  2. Click on signup at the top right corner of the home page.
  3. Selcect sign in with Facebook (you will be required to enter your Facebook email and password and you are done with the registration).


The second way to signup with miniclip

For those who would not want to register with their Facebook account, this is the second option available.

  1. On the signup page, click on register just below the sign in with with Facebook button.
  2. A new form will appear, requesting some information you are to fill correctly such as:
  • Email
  • Password for
  • Confirm password entered
  • Nickname
  • Date of birth
  1. Registering users can either check or uncheck the small box requesting permission to use your personal details for marketing product
  2. Now, all you need to do is click on the create account button and you are done.
  3. Note – that you will require adobe flash play on your device to be able to play games online successfully.

You can now enjoy all features of miniclip and be part of millions of games lovers around the globe on

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How to play games on miniclip

  1. visit
  2. choose your device OS from the top right hand side of the homepage.
  3. select the game from the options on the home page or use the search bar to make your choice. to play with friends or game partners online, click on multiplayer.

Please, you can drop your comments suggestions using the comment box.

miniclip  – enjoy all games on your android and iOS device

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