Social Media Clean up Service – Clean up Facebook App – Download

Social Media Clean up Service – Clean up Facebook App  –  Download – it has become very necessary for job applicants to clean up their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Imo, Instagram and many more as Human Resource managers now go through applicants social media pages.

We may have some pictures we have been tagged on or taken, this may disqualify us for that dream job. With social media clean up app, your fear of having wrong pictures, regrettable files or wrong words on your social media pages, will longer be a problem.

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With clean up facebook app, it will get all dirty stuff off your facebook page and other social media. You can now go for that interview with no fear of getting any incriminating pictures, files or status on your wall.

A lot of people have posted things we regret or have forgotten we still have them on social media pages. But over time, we are been reminded by our boss in the office or senior relations such as uncles and aunties.

Many of these issues are what let to the development of application that help in cleaning our social media pages.

In this article, we shall address the need for getting our social media pages thoroughly cleaned up before an interview and the best app to help you achieve this goals.

Their are numerous application claiming to provide such services but some have malicious intend or may even occupy more space on your phone or PC. Clean up Facebook App

We have carefully selected popular social media clean up apps from users recommendations.  clean up facebook app download is our major concern here.

The first social media page any HR may want to visit is your facebook due to it popularity and features.

Many have lost great opportunity due t incriminating file seen on their social media pages.

You can avoid being a victim of that by using any of the listed social media clean up app.


Social Media Clean up Service – Clean up Facebook App – Download


  1. CLEAR

This app was developed by Ethan Czahor. The founder had a direct experience  of being fired from a dream job after his post on twitter came hunting him. Clean up Facebook App

In one of his statement on his website, Ethan Czahor said, “ I created  clear to make sure situation like mine never happened to anyone ever again,”

It support and connect directly to your twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It searches for obscenities using an algorithm.

Download Clear App using the link below. ( copy link and paste in any of your choice browser and download).


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With Social Sweepter, you can grant access to any of your social media page profile and scan through for any unwanted files, pictures or status. It will sifts through your post find profane, offensive or drug related text, detect inappropriate photo.

You decide what to delete, untag or flag and also save a backup to other cloud storage platform.

To enjoy full features of this app, one will need to get a premium version of social sweepter.

Get Social Sweepter installed, download using the following link below.

 Free version here

Sign Up for Social Sweepter ( use the below link to sign up)


Even with the advancement in the algorithm, it is still advisable that the manual way of deleting unwanted stuff from our social media is the best.

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