Underwater Museum – “MUSA” – The magnificent world of Underwater ART DISPLAY

Underwater Museum – In 2008, Jason deCaires Taylor and Jaime Gonzaiez Canto indulged in a plan to create underwater museum that would be formed by nature into a corel reef.

Dr. Gonzalez Canto suggested to  Roberto Diaz Abraham, the then president of the Cancun Nutical Association the idea of taking snorkelers and divers to an area where concrete reefs with some corals had been placed, to draw them away from Manchones reef.

Museo Subacua’tico de Arte also known as MUSA is the  Canc’un Underwater Museum, it ia non-profit organization based in Meixco devoted to the art of  conversation.

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Canc’un Underwater Museum, has  more than 500 sculptures, most by Jason deCaires Taylor and other sculptors works. It was started in 2009 and completed at the end of 2013.

The Silent Evolution, is what Jason deCaires Taylor’s call his installment of sculptures. Sculpture status collection are to show humans interaction with the environment around them, with both positive and negative impact.


Famous Silent Evolution statues shows how some humans see their surroundings and embrace them while others hide their face.

MUSA, Museum is attracting more tourist and new tours are being created for them. The museum is goo for his touring and diving business.

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Underwater Museum – “MUSA” – The magnificent world of Underwater Sculpture  DISPLAY


Man on Fire Museum

It is a fast growing marine organism, yellow, orange and brown in color which emits a painful stinging sensation when touched, thus reflecting it’s name. Museum

This sculpture has 75 holes planted with live cutting of the fire coral.


Anthropocene Museum

The volkswagen look sculpture is specially designed with numerous nooks and crannies to house marine life as an articial reef.

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Dream Collector

One of the message reads: “may your hearts, never become as hard”, by Roberto Diaz, president of MUSA


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