US IMMIGRATION BAN ON 7 COUNTRIES – Many international student from the seven ban countries by the newly elected president of the United State of America are worried and scared of the new immigration ban on seven nation.

Immigrants studying and working in the united state university from the affect countries are panicking, not knowing their faith on the new law. Many fear they may have to leave their careers for the sake of their family or may leave their family for while and go after their career.

It hurt at this point when many young student are faced with an huddle in their long awaited dream. In a related news by, “Katabi, who was born in Syria, was hustling to finish a paper with her student Friday afternoon when news of the executive order broke. Suddenly, the work stopped. Shock, disbelief and concern filled the room. Some of her student were born in Iran.”

What is the way out from the immigration ban in US?

What pains most international student from these countries especially the those from Iran, is that their love one and parent cant visit them or even attend their graduation, and they may not be opportune to attend conferences.

With over 4,800 academic signing a petition objecting to the petition order, this may bring a change for the international student we hope.

US IMMIGRATION BAN ON 7 COUNTRIES will if  affect the economy of the US at any point?

For many who seek better education and experience US has always been a top choice, because it offered best place and environment for quality education and business opportunity for young business start up.

But with the new policy most university will have a drop in student population and this will lead to decrease in revenue generation.

Most talented and brilliant people come to US to study and pour our their innovation and creativity which is used to improve vital sector of the country. This may reduce to a great extend due to this executive order.

The law may cause other nation to implement same law to US citizen in the affected countries. We hope the executive other may give international student already in the country  some consideration.

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