13 Early Signs of Pregnancy – Am I pregnant

Not sure if a baby is coming, understanding some few early signs of pregnancy will help you  out as you read more here.

Pregnancy is the joy of every intending mother but getting to know if you are pregnant on time can go un-noticed. Did you catch the fun few weeks back and you are noticing some changes in your body and you not sure what the cause of the changes?

It is possible to find out if you are pregnant without a home test, pregnancy test or scan from this 13 early signs of pregnancy that may occur in ones body.

This article explain some common early signs of pregnancy an intending mother should take note off.

Women have different experience, not every has the same pregnancy symptoms, this is due to many factors such body size, health issue and environment.

13 Early Signs of Pregnancy


 Increase in Breast size

A woman breast may become sore or swollen due to hormone changes after conception.

In many cases the pregnant woman breast becomes heavier or fuller with the nipple increasing in size or getting darker.

Their mint be other issue that may bring up similar symptoms.



High level of progesterone hormone may cause unusual fatigued, at the first few few week of pregnancy, tiredness will be a common feeling. One may feel fatigue due to low sugar level or increase of blood production.

Eating food rich in protein and iron and having more rest can help reduce fatigue.


Missed Period

A missed period is one major early sign of pregnancy and a late period could also mean the same


Morning Sickness

One may begin to feel nauseous with or without vomiting and may go hand in hand with fatigue. The exact cause of the nauseous feeling is unknown.



When a period flow seems to be shorter or different from your normal experience could be sign of pregnancy. Some women may have light bleeding.



This is when you begin to feel sign of having your period, this sign is caused when fertilized egg attaches to the urine wall making the uterus stretching a little to make way for enlargement.


Basal Body Temperature

The best time to get your (BBT) Basal Body Temperature is first thing in the morning. BBT is your lowest body temperature within the day. It mostly used to indicate when a lady is ovulating.

If BBT remain at at the same level and increase without decreasing in one or two weeks. You may have a baby onboard.


Constant Peeing

The kidney washes away fluid constantly during early pregnancy. It reason may be due to uterus pressing of the bladder. It advice for pregnant women to take in more water during this period.


Regular Mood Swing

A lady could be seen sad and in the next moment she’s happy, reason for her mood swing may be caused by headaches of the desire to have everything with no hunger or the increase in hCG hormones (human chorionic gonadotropin) it is formed by cell formed in the placenta.



Change in body hormones may lead to regular or mild headache in early pregnancy in women.



Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is linked to a lady’s menstrual cycle. Progesterone slow own digestive track making the tommy full of gas than usual and it happen at the arrival of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).



Due to the increase in body hormone, the body tends to be more demanding than usual in early pregnancy. The craving of wanting to no or little of everything that comes to mind will be occurring.



The slowing down of digestive track is the reason behind the constipation. Hormones responsible for bloating is also responsible for constipation.

You are advice to see a medical professional and not depend solemnly on the above signs and their may be other factor or issue with similar signs.

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