Five popular safe Breast Pumps for Nursing Mothers

It could be very demanding for working nursing mothers in breast feeding their kids while at work or while going for business trip. These breast pumps could safe you the headache.

Breast pump are not any regular feeding device, have a good quality one can make life easier while nursing a baby. Choosing the right pump could help in breastfeeding your baby longer and healthier.

What is a Breast Pump?

This is a mechanical device that helps in extracting breast milk from a lactating lady. This device may be manually powered by hands or legs or electrical powered by charged batteries or electricity.

The two types of breast pumps are Hospital grade and personal use pumps. Hospital are the one who use hospital grade breast feeding pumps since it is intended for multiple users. Personal breast pump device is meant for single use.

What types of breast pumps are available for use?

Their numerous breast pump devices available, but in this article we shall be discussing on 5 popular safe breast pump for nursing mothers.


Five list of popular safe Breast Pumps for Nursing Mothers



This is a manual breast bumping device. The price is also pocket friendly as it may cost about $30 from the Amazon store click here to few current prices. It is fast and comes with a ‘2-phase Expression” technology.




It was invented by an ER doctor. Just like it’s name “FREEMIE” allows you to breast feed with your cloths on. You can slide the cup under your bra, connect it to the pump and ride on.

It cost you about $145. It is compatible with most popular breast pumps like Ameda or Philips.




This brand of device give you a natural experience and makes you more comfortable. It has a soft breast cup that move to make you it feel like real baby sucking. It give you a baby tongue motion.

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The good thing about this particular breast pumps is that it gives you the privilege to use both electricity and battery with an adjustable and suction settings. The price are also pocket friendly.

View price here



This is a 3-speed breast pump with a carry able case and a full setting option for nipple comfort. The speed at which the milk flows from the breast can also be set, making it more lovely for working mothers.

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With any of this devices, nursing mother can have a more comfortable experience and easy process in taking good care of their breast feeding children.

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