High Blood Pressure also known as hypertension, is a common condition many are living with and are not aware. Here are few natural ways to control blood pressure. A lot of people are not aware of their level of blood pressure. For many who have been diagnose with hypertension, may be worried on how to bring their blood pressure to a normal state. There are both natural and medical ways to control blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure?

The heart is the major supplier of blood, oxygen and nutrient through the arteries to other part of the body, the measure of the force exerted against the blood vessel wall of the arteries while supplying blood, oxygen and nutrient is called blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure which is excess amount of pressure exerted during blood supply from the heart to the blood vessel wall of the arteries and other part of the body is dangerous.

This makes the heart over work in trying to pump blood to other part of the body and this may lead to various disease such heart failure, stroke, kidney disease or atherosclerosis. Research has it that many people who have High Blood Pressure don’t know they have it.

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What are the cause of High Blood Pressure?

It has not been ascertained the major cause of hypertension also known as High Blood Pressure (HBP), but there are factors play leading roles to this condition.

1. Genetics

Heart disease and high blood pressure have genetic component. Research has proven that families with history of hypertension, have high chances of HBP continuing through the family line. “Africans and Black Americans are the most affected on genetic component of hypertension and heart disease.

2. Too Much Salt in diet.

Scientist has it that people who consume much salt in their diet have high risk of becoming hypertensive that those who consume less quantity in their diet.

3. Age

As an individual advance in age, the higher the risk of having hypertension. Change in blood pressure is natural in aging process.

4. Excess intake of alcohol

People who consume too much alcohol have higher systolic rate than those who take moderately. Excess consumption of alcohol increases the chances of hypertension.

5. Smoking

This act, narrows the blood vessels and reduces the oxygen content making the heart pump faster and it requires more pressure to enable blood pass through.

6. Lack of regular physical exercise

Regular exercise is very good, it provides many health benefits for the body, reducing blood pressure. Not exercising regularly increases your chance of HBP.

7. Over Weight and Obesity

Being overweight is dangerous because as weight increase so the blood pressure increases

8. Excessive intake of birth control pills

There are various birth control pills out there to choose from, a lot of people in looking for fast solution end up trying various brands which may lead to further complication and increasing blood pressure in the body.

9. Mental Stress

Worrying or mental stress over a long time can have great impact on our blood pressure negatively.

Symptoms of Hypertension

Their no major symptoms of high blood pressure but that there are some occurring signs to signal your attention for you to see your doctor and check your blood pressure.

– Dizziness
– Breathlessness
– Nose bleeding
– Vomiting
– Frequent headache
– nausea
– blurred vision
– fatigue

What are the complications High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) can lead to?

Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to further complication and disease in the body which can terminate an individual life if not given immediate medical attention. Here is a list of few of the complication.

1. Brain dysfunction
2. Memory loss
3. Stroke
4. Heart failure
5. Metabolic syndrome
6. Blurred vision
7. Liver problems


For those who are not familiar with blood pressure reading, here is table showing the different blood pressure level or stages.

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Over time, researcher have proven that one of best ways to control hypertension is naturally. Though there are numerous medication used in lowering or increasing blood pressure but may have side effects on the user. Here some simple ways you can control blood pressure.

1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise increases your heart and breathing rate, this strengthens the heart and makes the heart pump with less effort reducing pressure on the arteries. This is not mean over working your body, simple 30min jugging, walking instead of drive, doing yoga or biking around your street will be enough.

2. Eat less Salt
The amount of salt you consume has major effect on your BP. Cutting down sodium is crucial in lowering blood pressure naturally.

3. Take less alcohol

A major cut down in the amount of glass of alcohol intake is highly required. Research shows that people who consume much alcohol have high risk of having hypertension. Review shows that the less alcohol you take, the lesser the blood pressure.

4. Stop Smoking.
Tobacco smoking in a long time, damages the blood vessels wall and narrowing the arteries increasing the BP. The chemical in tobacco damages blood vessels wall even those around them.

5. Cut down on Caffeine
The reaction of caffeine on people on people differs. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine. If your body system is sensitive to caffeine then, you will need to cut down on it. Caffeine increases blood pressure temporary, the chances increasing HBP of those diagnose with high BP while taking caffeine is on the high side.

6. Lose Weight
Obese people have more BP on their blood vessel. Losing weight can make a positive change in your blood pressure.

7. Take some Natural Supplements.
Some natural supplement can help lower blood pressure. Here are some recommended natural supplements.
– Fish oil
– Hibiscus
– Whey protein
– Age garlic extract

8. Cut down on sugar and refined Carbs
Reducing your sugar intake will help in reducing BP. Generally, too much sugar intake is not good for the human body.

There are other natural ways to control HBP which will be discussed in our next article . 

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