MMM Nigeria: The Untold Story – How true is the ban

MMM Nigeria MMM Nigeria, the popular “Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox”. Is a community of ordinary people selflessly helping each other? “Ponzi” A Global fund of mutual aid. MMM Nigeria, has the goal of destroying  the world unjust financial system. The scheme which is barely two years old with it introduction in Nigeria, has more than two (2) million […] Continue reading →

2016 Golden Globe Awards winners and Nominees 

Golden Globe Awards The atmosphere was amazing and emotions were real at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards which kicked off on Sunday night. Our regular host Ricky Gervail, gave the attendees more than their expectation as he always did. The long awaited 2016 Golden Globe Awards was held at the prestigious Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, on January […] Continue reading →

China may renegotiate “One China” Policy with U.S government

  U.S. president-elect Donald Trump has pulled attention to the “One China” policy which Tiawan is among. During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, U.S president-elect said, “ I fully understand the  “One China” policy. Unless we make a deal  with China having to do with things including trade, devaluation and tax”, i see no […] Continue reading →

Tasty Nigeria meals to try when you visit

Most tourist or fist time visitor to a particular place, will always want to explore their new environment and meal. The old time adage says: when in “Rome (do as the Romans do)” a proverb that you say to mean that when you are visiting another country, you should behave like the people in that country. Nigeria […] Continue reading →