3 Power Free Uninstaller App for PC – Download Uninstaller

Power Free Uninstaller App for PC – Remove all unwanted applications on your pc and mobile completely and increase the performance of your device. Unwanted or malfunctioning installed software can cause great harm to our device.

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Having the right storage space on our devices help improve the performance, it is very necessary to have a clean storage space to allow easy installation of other app and to also make it run faster.

Every device comes with it’s own uninstalling or deleting package. It many cases, the uninstall which come with device do not completely uninstall application, there are still some patch left which occupy space and may lead some some other technical issue, making our device run slowly or not functioning as it ought to. 3 Power Free Uninstaller App for PC


In this article we shall be discussing on 3 Power Free Uninstaller App for PC and Mobile to help you perfectly uninstall any application and cleaning your storage space.


3 Power Free Uninstaller App for PC and Mobile

  1. IObi

IObit helps you completely delete or uninstall stubborn software’s refusing to uninstall completely. Remember it is free. With the new IObit 6 update you can create a system restore point easily.

IObit 6 update features are amazing. Because it helps detect and remove malicious ad and plugins, it also support the removal of MS edge extension for Windows 10 users.

Try IObit 6 in removing application residual. You can scan your device using the powerful scan menu to auto-detect leftover programs and uninstall them. It support all version of Windows.

   Download IObit 6 here – www.iobit.com

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  1. PC Decrapifier

This software provides you with a step by step to remove every wanted application or partially uninstall software making you have full control of of your device. When you are faced with any difficulty in uninstalling any application on your pc try PC Decrapifier and your problem will be solved.

Get PC Decrapifier  app from  – www.pcdecrapifier.com

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  1. Wise Program Uninstaller, provide you with a friendly user interface to make your uninstalling easy and simple it comes with an built in scan engine and uninstall or delete and problematic software either in registry or other part of the computer.

You can download app from – www.wisecleaner.com.  3 Power Free Uninstaller App for PC 


Their other powerful uninstaller which are not free and perform same job with some other functions included to guarantee their customers performance. This shall be treated in our next article.

This free uninstaller are small in size and will not consume space in your device and can easy be uninstalled leaving no patch.



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