7 Top VPN to use – Enjoy Online Privacy and Freedom

While surfing the internet, doing it without compromising your sensitive information can be demanding and very stressful. And finding the right VPN to use could cause some headache.

There are countless VPN around with different offer. Some with free and premium services. Making a choice out of theses could take time.

We shall be discussing on 7 top VPN to use and be fully secured and with great features to experiment.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network are software that allows you surf the internet without compromising your private data’s, it grants you secure access and can make you anonymous.

VPN allows you to encrypt your internet connection from hackers. Making you connect through a server of virtual private network provider. There are lot of intruders on the net you are not aware of, virtual Private Network keeps you away from them.

How Does it work?

When you need to communicate to a system or server on the internet elsewhere, you need to be joined to a network through an internet service provider (ISP) which then connects you through any means, (wired, wireless, radio ) you choose to communicate to. Communication on the network passes through the internet service provider servers.

Virtual Private Network connects to a server owned by your choice VPN provider through virtual private network tunnel. Every information or data passing through the virtual Private Network can only be seen by it on the internet.

This makes your information and data safe from unauthorized persons sneaking into your network for malicious purposes.

What are the advantage of using a VPN?

The advantages are numerous, but for the purpose of the this article we shall discuss a few of them.

Data and Information Encryption

Isn’t it nice to get you information secured and personalized? This one basic function of Virtual Private Network


Your identity is safe and location is unknown. “Ghost Mode” that is what I call it.

Visited Web Pages are Hidden

Website you visit is hidden by the application, so no one can track your activities, like banking business or bills payment online. Your service provide only know you are online but what you are doing is unknown. Wow! That’s lovely.

Use of public internet is safe

With the maximum encryption provided by your virtual private network, you use any available Hotspot around you without fear

VPN, are they Legal?

Yes, Privacy is allowed in most countries.


7 top VPN’s to lay your hands on

Download free and purchase premium service from the site link below

The feature of the above list Virtual Private Network are amazing. Get any of them and experiment.

The list is not arranged in any order and we are not paid for choosing any of them.


Things to consider before getting and either free or paid for

  1. Security
  2. Speed
  3. Price
  4. Server countries available
  5. Numbers of connection
  6. Customer service
  7. Guarantees
  8. Compatibility



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