Free Advance IP Scanner App Download – Windows/Mac

Advance IP Scanner App Download – Find IP of any network devices on a network. Download advance IP scanner and remotely enter your switch, router or micro wave radios and servers using it static or dynamic IP address attached to the device using the app.

For network engineers, we all know how stressful it can be to memorizing IP addresses of all configured network devices, especially when you have a very large network infrastructure. Network engineers don’t have to worry about committing all the IP address to memory, Advance IP Scanner app safes you that time and stress .

There are various IP scanner online for download, but in this article, we shall talk about the most used, free and easy to use for windows and mac.

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Advance IP scanner.

Perfect utility app for the task, with no difficulty this app, displays all the IP of the network devices on the network with great user interface. It provide access to shared folder, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Ever wanted to use a straight forward IP scanning app to detect computer, servers, switch and router on your network? Then DOWNLOAD ———Advance IP Scanner.

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1. Fast and easy to use interface .
2. Free
3. Scan IP address for all network device on a network(very accurate)
4. Simple integration with Radmin control
5. Grant remote shutdown access
6. Option list available( users can choose what to scan on the network).
7. Uses little or no memory space on your computer.
8. Available in many languages.
9. Remotely switch computers off.
10. Export scan result to CSV

How to use Advance IP Scanner

Download App here
– Launch app
– Enter the range of IP address .
– Click on scan (once completed it will display list of IP address of devices connected on your network).

Creating Favorite List

1. Scan the network after launch .
2. Select the desired device and click Add to Favorite option from the menu or
3. Choose “ Action from the menu, Add computer and enter your computer information from the dialog box .


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