Affordable spy and security gadgets you should know and have.

Spy and Security Gadgets most have and know

 Security has become one of our major challenge in the world. Security can be said as  a measure of resistance against risk, danger, anxiety, threat and harm over ones property, information, life styles,crime and health.

From creation, human have always sot for best means of securing ourselves, love once, properties, information’s, life, and jobs from unauthorized individuals or seen and unseen threats.

Over the years, human security has always failed us in one way or the other, due to greed, jealousy, favoritism and human nature of weakness. This deficiency has made us look for other means of safer and affordable means of security.

Technology has helped us overcome to a great extend this challenge. With the innovation of modern day spy and security gadget, one would say our fears of not being able to secure our properties, information’s and other relevant things has been taken away by 90% – 95%. Though no security is hundred percent (100%) secured.

  • Have you ever wanted to find out who comes or spy into your world?
  • Have you ever been betrayed by your human security and need other loyal means of security?
  • Ever needed a means of spying in your office or home while you are away?
  • Thinking of the best means to monitor your employees while you away for business or health issues?
  • Looking for a stress-free and affordable means of security?
  • As a journalist, do you need portable devices to record and video your interviews, research and meeting?
  • Do want to improve your security?
  • Have you ever want to deny entries into your premises ?

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Here is a list of 23 affordable spy and security gadgets you should have and know about.

  1. High Definition Video Pen ($17 and above)


This device come in various colors, memory sizes and design

  • Camcorder (Video recording with Sound): 720 X 480 AVI format. Recording speed: 30 pfs (real time recording) with Audio.
  • Digital Camera: Photo resolution 1280 X 1024 JPEG format.
  • USB 2.0 High speed Memory Stick: Can be used as USB memory stick (up to 16GB

2.     USB Undetectable Keylogger ($7 and above)


The USB hardware keylogger is a tiny USB electronic device capable of capturing keystrokes from a PS/2 or USB keyboard. It contains advanced electronic circuitry for monitoring a keyboard’s USB or PS/2 connection, filtering keystroke data, and recording the data to internal memory. The built-in memory typically has several megabytes (or even gigabytes), meaning it can hold years-worth of typing.

3.    Night Vision Camera Watch ($ 10 And above)


  • Hidden Video Camera
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Video resolution: 1920*1080pixels
  • Video resolution frame rate 30fps
  • Charge time 2 hours full charge
  • 12 mega pixel photo camera
  • 5 Mega pixel video camera
  • Built in Audio microphone
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Time and Date stamp

4. Spy Optic Sunglasses ($45 and above)


This spy glass helps you record video and sound for hours

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4. CAMERA BUTTONS ($10 and above)


5. CAMERA CUP ($40 and above)


6. CAMEAR BULB($45 and above)

7.    SPY WALL Clock Safe($25 and above)

This spy glass helps you record video and sound for hours


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8. CAMERA RINGS($17 and above)

9. Dissolving Spy Paper ($10 and above)

Write your secrets on this special spy paper and you can destroy your plans by adding water. The paper will instantly become mulch and your secrets will be safe.


10. Top Secret Self-Inking Rubber Stamp($8 and above)


You would not want someone who is unauthorized to gaze upon any Top Secret information. This brilliant red Top Secret stamp will ensure that people understand that you are serious about security!

11.    Soda Can Safe ($8 and above)

12.    Keychain Spy Camera($12 and above)

This spy glass helps you record video and sound for hours



13.    Clothes Hook  Camera($13 and above)

14.    Smoke Detector Camera($60 and above)

16. IP DOME CAMERA($16 and above)

17. WIRELSS BULLET CAMERAS($17 and above)

18.    Lighter Spy Camera($13 and above)

19. Alarm Clock Camera($15 and above)

20. Teddy Bear Camera($45 and above)

This wireless Teddycam will be sure to keep a close watch on anyone in your baby’s bedroom. This nannycam is completely covert and easy to use. Capture any questionable behavior with this covert teddy bear camera wireless surveillance system.

21. Counterfeit Detector Pen($11 and above)

With a quick swipe of this pen, you can be sure that you aren’t dealing with questionable currency. And you know its quality because it’s a Sharpie. Sharpie is notorious for their quality underworld paraphernalia, such as their famous Sharpie mustache disguises.



13.  Motion Detector Spy Camera($34 and above)

22. Voice Changer($17 and above)

23. Mini Spy Camera and Camcorder($6 )



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