Applock – Best Privacy Smart Applock for Android Phones Download

Applock – Best privacy smart applock for Android Phones Download – Privacy is an important thing in every one’s life. Keeping the world away from your personal issues is one thing most people desire. Applock or privacy app lock, is our best option to securing our vital information from the public or intruders.

Most times, it is very difficult in hiding our important information from some noisy friends, family members or even colleague in the office. They always want to find out what you are up to or get new topic about you to gossip about.

In situations like this, what do you? You are either left with holding your phone always, making you over protective and creating a suspicious environment. To avoid being tag with any negative name or attitude, “Mr. Phone” and other names, a mobile app lockers will safe you all of that stress.

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Getting your chats, pictures, mails, videos or banking transaction properly secured from the public or a second party is highly recommended. Not just from noisy people but from smart fraudulent people.

We have had cases of people being implicated in crimes they did not commit but were held guilty due some carelessness on their mobile device. How can we avoid such scenarios or cases? An applock, can safe you a life time regrettable action.


Why do I need an applock?

Many may not see the reason why an applock should be used on their mobile devices. The “world is evil” and you never can tell who truly loves you or not. Wolf in sheep clothes are all around us.

With the high rate of blackmail in the world, where people’s personal pictures or document are stolen from from their phones and PC, then used to blackmail them. This is one major reason you should consider using an applock on your android or iOS phone.

It is true, that on our leisure time, we make use of our phones to take some crazy pictures or videos we wouldn’t want a second party to see but would want to view them later. Some times we wouldn’t want to delete this pictures or video from our phones due to the memories they bring us.

But how do we secure these information when we have so many hand and eyes around us? Applock is all you need.

In this article, we shall be discussing on the best and smart applock you can use on android phones to have more privacy on your datas.


Applock – Best Privacy Smart Applock for Android Phones Download

There are various applock on the internet for download but getting the best and smart applock mint take you numerous and unprofitable search on the internet.

Here is a list and download link to Best privacy smart applock for Android phones.




  1. Smart App Lock (Free)

This is app is not just free but have great and unique features. Looking for an app to secure your contacts, gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, SMS and other app? Smart App Lock is my top recommendation.


  1. Set one of different password or pattern for every app installed on your phone.
  2. Protect any app using password.
  3. Determine who delete and install applications on your mobile
  4. Lock in coming and outgoing calls
  5. Lock private messages on social media.

     To download Smart App lock. Use the following link    

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  1. AppLock

No need to waste time in unlocking your app, with this, you unlock apps more easily and quickly.

It allows you to use finger print, pattern and password in securing your app on mobile. It support up to 24 languages.

One interesting about AppLock, is that it can hide your apps on your mobile from other users. No more worries about who is holding your phone.

 Unique features

  1. Hide photos, video and chats easily
  2. Customize profiles and set different lock pattern on your apps.
  3. Time lock/auto lock
  4. Hide applock icon ( no one knows you have applock installed on your phone.)
  5. Low memory usage.
  6. Can use on power saving mode

 Use the link bellow to download AppLock


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  1. Avira AppLock +

Share your android without giving access to your calls, messages. It is free and allows you to easily protect your privacy by requiring a pin code to access confidential apps.

Install and use app by using this link below


  1. GooTile AppLock (for window mobile users)

This is one of the best free app lockers. With GooTile, you don’t have worry about the privacy of your information when your phone are with a friend or colleague.

It can lock any app on your windows mobile easily. Hiding your chats, SMS, Setting and password photos, videos, emails, Facebook, Istagram are all possible with this app.

Available Features

  1. Lock app using passcode, pattern
  2. Easily lock chats, SMS, Emails, Photos, Videos and many more
  3. Free
  4. Less memory consumption
  5. Easy control (one tab to lock and unluck
  6. Support protective private notes, photos, videos and albums

           Free download  here – download GooTile App Locker using the below link

You can check us again to read more on app locker for iOS. for further contributions, feel free to put them on the comment box. Thanks

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