Download Best Voice Changer App – anonymous voice changer for Calls

Download Best Voice Changer App – anonymous voice changer for Calls – there is no magic required to getting your voice changed while talking with friends on phone. All you need in getting your voice changed to any voice or tone of your choice  is just few easy steps and the fun is right in your control.



It is possible to get your voice change from male voice to a female voice or even to your favorite pet voice in simple download. Voice changer app is a great application to have fun with while talking with friends or want to track some one.

We have various anonymous voice changer app for Calls on the internet to download from. A lot may not serve you well or may not function in your desire choice of action.

In this article, we shall discuss on the best voice changer app with lot of features and easy to use.

The anonymous voice changer for Call app – Is what we will be talking about in this article, some are free while some require some financial commitments to enable you use it full features.

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There is numerous reason why we may need to install this app on our mobile devices.

  1. For fun. ( we may want to have fun with friends while having a conversation with them on phone.)
  2. Try to find out the identity of a call that has been bugging you for a while
  3. Enhance your voice during a presentation.
  4. Improve voice while doing some recording either for tutorial purpose or broadcast.

One may not be able to list all the reasons why this app is a popular demand on the internet with more than one million downloaders daily.

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What are the things I can do with the voice changer app? One may ask. Does it have other function than changing one’s voice to another?

The answer to the above question is yes.

  1. The app makes you have more fun with friends
  2. You can easily access and modify characteristic of your voice
  3. Easily record changed voice on phone.

Download Best Voice Changer App – anonymous voice changer for Calls


  1. Voice Changer with Effects

This is free voice changer app that allows you have fun while listening to your modified voice. You can share the modified recorded conversation directly on your WhatsApp. The app was updated on the 7 of February.

You need 2.3 and above android version.

It includes the following features:

  1. Helium
  2. Hexafluoride
  3. Robot
  4. Big robot
  5. Cave
  6. Space mutant

Download Voice Changer with Effect using this link

it can also be download from Google play Store for android user and app store


  1. Girls Voice Changer

        Perfect for those who would want to change their voice to a girl’s voice.

        You can also revisit recorded changed voice. Using the app, you can change you

         Into a baby’s voice or a young lady

      Get app using the link below


  1. FunCall In Call Voice Changer App

This is my favorite of all the voice changer app. It makes helps you call your friends with a different voice and number.

How to use FunCall In Call Voice Changer App

  1. Download and install app
  2. Run app
  3. Enter the number you want to call
  4. Select the recipient country
  5. Choose your desired voice to change into
  6. Add funny sounds during conversation. And you are up for the fun.

 Features of FunCall In Call Voice Changer App

  1. Funny voices
  2. International call using the internet
  3. Creative design
  4. Cross mobile support

  Own and download app here

   Android …..

   iOS ……


  1. AV Voice Changer

Do almost anything with any voice, morph and record, modify and any audio file with AV Voice Changer. The app is not free but has a trial version.

 For a full license, it may cost you about $25.

The app allows you change voice on skype or Facebook call. The advance feature allows you connect with VoIP

Try trial version using this link

Install and download full license version of AV voice Changer using this link


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