Download Parallel Space – Run Multiple numbers on WhatsApp simultaneously

Parallel Space, gives you the opportunity to run multiple accounts simultaneously with ease and the same smart phone or tablet and pc.

This is an application that allows you to manage two different user accounts for any application installed on your device most Android.

Thinking of how to switch identity on one device without needing to change phone or sim cards, Parallel Space app will do that in one tap for you.

The good news is that Parallel app can enable you run multiple game account in one phone concurrently just with the app.

Download Parallel App


Download parallel Space for Android here

iOS users download Parallel Space here



This free super-interesting app will ease your stress of having multiple account run concurrently on the same app and phone.

The logic used in the Parallel Space is that It create a duplicate or replica of your app installed completely independently.

This replica app can be associated with different account and both run concurrently without interfering.

This feature allows you get notification for the different account separately like a single account does.

Once the app is successfully installed and opened, it displays a list of everything installed on your device.

You can then search and select app you choose to have multiple accounts and add it to your multiple Space app.

After which you can create a shortcut to any location on your device, this give th option of using a different icon different from the original and the replica.

The application also allows to uninstall replica app easily. To do that simply go back into the parallel Space menu and drag the icon to the trash.

The application come with other great functionality, it is left for you to find out more feature and give your assured satisfaction

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