Driverless Superbikes Vehicles : The future for modern day police security system

Driverless  Superbikes Vehicles – The future for modern day police security system.

The rapid growth and improvement in the world of technology, one may soon be able to “cook food using the internet”. – Driverless  Superbikes Vehicles

Physical harm faced by our security agents in their service to our various nations will soon be reduced to a great extend.

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Driverless Superbikes Vehicles Introduction

Driverless police drones are now the future of modern day policing. The introduction of THE INTERCEPTOR –  by conceptual designer Charles Bombardier will change the world of security. The Interceptor is a superbike that will be driverless.

This “super robot” could monitor cities round the clock while issuing tickets to any offender via mobile application.

According to CNN, – “The design for theses futuristic police drones already eists. It’s called interceptor and could soon become a reality”.

Canadian mechanical engineer Charles Bombardier told CNN – “ it’s only the natural evolution to technology”.

Mechanical engineer Bombardier gets inspired and ideas by looking at existing everyday products. Driverless  Superbikes Vehicles

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The Interceptor may feature seamlessly scan license plates and record offenders using real time video.  The drone could automatically issue citations via e-mails, text message if violation is recorded.

In his statement, Charles Bombardier said,  one police could supervise five interceptor units.

“But these police drones would require a big investment. You would need $5 million, so they would need to be financed by a government organization,” Charles Bombardier told CNN.


In another recent development, Eduardo Arndt a Brazilian designer working with mechanical engineer Charles Bombardier is developing a new vision called the Brigade.

Driverless Superbikes Vehicles

Ardnts says, is inspired by the geometric simplicity of racing motorbikes from 1980s.

According to Arndt, “ To counter the vintage look I was going for, I added more modern details like LED headlights and security cameras across the bicycles”.

The future of driverless vehicles are closer to us than we think.

Driverless Superbikes Vehicles an awaiting police security system


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