File Manager App Download – Save – Organize all files in one folder

File Manager App Download – Save – Organize all files in one folder – put your documents, pictures, music, pictures and downloaded file well organize in a single folder. You don’t have to search through you phone or device for your documents again. File Manage helps you organize all your files.

It can be very frustrating trying to search for files such as pictures or music on our phones. I could remember downloading a document from my email and didn’t know where it went hiding in my phone.

I had to re-download the file again. Many of us would have been faced with this challenge one time or the other. Getting our files organize, helps us find our stuff faster and makes us more organize.

In this article, we shall discuss on some popular file manager app for your phone either android or iOS.

We are aware that their are many file manager app on the internet, we shall put together some pocket friendly file manager app and free file manager application.

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This is an application that helps you manage files of all sizes and format in a more organize, efficient and easy way.

Why this app are recommended for you, it allows us access our files, pictures, music, video, documents on our local drive, microSD card, and cloud storage easily.

Why is File Manager is recommended?

This great document organizer helps you search, browse, move, rename, copy, delete, share, find, compress and organize all our files on all our storage options.

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File Manager Download – Save – Organize all files in one folder


  1. ES File Explorer File (Android)

It is free on the play store. The app features full management for both local and network storage system. ES File Explorer helps you manage files more effectively and efficiently.

Download ES File Explorer File  using the link below

Features of ES File Explorer File  

  1. Easy categorization, backup, uninstall and create shortcuts for app.
  2. SD Card Analyst.
  3. Kill task with simple click
  4. Delete junks files with easy simple click
  5. Real Time Observer



FMFT (File Manager File Transfer support more than 15 languages. It also support full management of local and network management.

  Supported features of FMFT

  1. Wi-Fi file transfer – edit your mobile files using FTP on your pc
  2. Compress, decompress, search, delete. Copy, cut and many more are possible with FMFP
  3. View files of all format using mobile widget – access folders in one tap from the home screen
  4. Support file transfer using many FTP

    Download File Manager (File Transfer) using the below link


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Moving, sharing, deleting and many more are possible with ASUS File Mange. It does more than just organizing your files. It deliver a great experience with all of the features you did like to have!.


  1. Stream media stored on in the cloud and local storage
  2. Simple and easy manager
  3. Save space
  4. Zip files
  5. Extract files
  6. Storage analyzer


4. Sliding Explorer

Also free on the play store for android users. It sliding user interface makes it more easy to slide between saved files and make management simple.

It support root access, file sharing, compression support and many more.

Get Sliding Explorer using the download link below


5. Total Commander

Just like it name, the app give you full control and management on your support book mark, text editing and it is free.

Install and download app using the link below


6. X-plore File Manger

With all of it amazing features, one will expect that it wont be free. It is free.

With this app you can manage files on two windows and support many FTP method of transfer and view files as zip files

Don’t miss out, download X-plore File Manager app using the link below

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