Flying Car – An awaiting future – What to expect soon

Flying Car: This is still the awaiting future of transportation. Over time, we have been introduce with few prototype of flying cars from different manufacturer like: aeromobile.

Getting to beat the unending human and car traffic is a long time goal of most cities in the world, especially the African countries.

The stress an individual goes through in a bumper to bumper traffic, one a times which he/she car could fly. Due to the number of hours we spend on the traffic, traffic jam as become the bane to most commuter.

What is a flying car?

flying car, is a type of air car that will provides door-to-door transportation by both road and air.

It enables the masses to travel far above terra firma and seemingly solves all of their earthly dilemmas.

History of Flying Cars

 An individual who is new to the term “flying car, may think it is a recent development or innovation. In the early nineteen century, an experimental single-seat aeroplane that was called  the “Sky Flivver” made by Henry Ford was introduce. This mind blowing project was abandoned two years after it innovation, when a distance-record attempt flight crashed, killing the pilot.

Recently Stefan Klein, a co-founder of AeroMobile and his team, created AeroMobil 3.0, prototype flying car, to test the future of cars.

Reports has it that, the flying car “AeroMobil 3.0 “  during a test, encountered an unexpected situation and started to go into a tailspin near an airport in Slovakia before the pilot deployed a parachute to soften its rough landing. The pilot, Klein escaped mostly unscathed.

The CEO announced an exceedingly optimistic 2017 release date.

Our future for this innovation still looks bright as we expect may be “Ferrari with wings.”.

How true is the future for flying car in Africa?

Will how our air space and atmospheric condition be welcoming for this innovation? Certainly we our love for luxury and comfort, Africa may provide the largest market ground for flying car developers.

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