How to format Windows Computer – Few Easy steps to Know

Computers are not 100 per cent secured, and are bound to malfunction at one point or the other due to so many reasons, such as malicious virus infection, over loaded installed programs.

Experiencing theses problem will require the user to format is windows pc or erase hard drive.

Formatting a Windows pc might look difficult for those without basic computer technical experience. You don’t have to worry, if you don’t have any technical experience.

Formatting Windows Computer is easy and this article shall take you through the required steps to erase a hard drive, format Windows pc and restore my computer to factory mode.


Formatting your Windows pc would erase all data from the hard drive and leaving it empty.

Procedure 1.

Ensure to backup all important data. Because after formatting your pc, you will loose all of your files on the the drive of the computer you formatted. You could save your document on an external hard drive, writable DVD or cloud storage system.


Procedure 2.

Get your choice windows operating system “OS” either a CD or Bootable pen drive.



Procedure 3.

Insert the installation media into your computer either the CD/DVD or bootable drive.

Choose the boot process by entering into the BIO (Basic Input Output). Depending on the pc entering the BIO or boot menu on Win7, you may use one this F2, F11, F12 OR DEL button.

Windows 8 and newer – Click the Power button in the Start screen or menu. Hold SHIFT and click Restart. This will restart your computer and load the “Advanced startup” menu. Select the “Troubleshoot” option and then “Advanced options.” Click “UEFI Firmware Settings” and then open the BOOT menu. Set your installation drive as the primary boot device.

Set your installation either CD OR Bootable drive as the primary boot device.


Procedure 4.

Start the setup process and choose your preferred language. Click on the “INSTALL NOW” button and accept the term and conditions.


Procedure 5.

On the next stage, Select “Custom (advance)’ option. The hard drive tool will be open. It will display all of the partitions on your pc hard drive.

Select the partition you want windows to be installed on,click on the format button to erase the content, you will be prompted to confirm the operation. Once you confirm the partition will be formatted. It may take few minutes.

Delete any other partition you don’t want if available.


Procedure 6.

Select your formatted drive partition and click “NEXT” THIS BEGINS THE Windows installation process. It may take some time to complete the stage.


Procedure 7.


You will prompted to enter a user name and password. The computer name is the name your computer will display on the network


Procedure 8.

Follow the instruction to install Windows:

After Window installs the system files, you’ll be taken through a few prompts to complete the installation. This includes creating a user account, setting your, and your network settings.

You’ll also be notified to enter your Windows product key.

The default settings are usually fine when setting up Windows. If you’re working on your home computer, select “Home” or “Private” when asked about your network type.

At this point your can now download and install missing driver like sound, LAN and copy back your saved file to your computer.

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