Best Ways on How to Record Phone Calls On Android/iOS

Best Ways on How to Record Phone Calls On Android/iOS – Their are calls will would want to listen to again after the conversation has ended with individual you spoke with. But many at times, we don’t know how to go about recording a phone call when it’s legal to do so.

In some countries it is illegal to record phone calls without the consent of the second party involved. We strongly advice that you take permission of the person on line before you record any conversation.

You could be sued to court and be jailed for the act if no permission is taken from the other party, especially when you are in a country where it’s illegal to record calls. Verbal permission is okay, you do not always need a writer permission.

If we have observed well, we will notice a form of permission from telecom company’s when we try to reach their customer care unit. you will be notified that the call will be recorded to improve their service. 

with the advancement in technology these days, their are numerous app available on the internet for the purpose of recording calls.

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in this article we shall be discussing about Best Ways on How to Record Phone Calls On Android/iOS using the smart phone installed app or an external application.

Are you a journalist, teacher, preacher, music lover, student? then this article is for you because it ease you the stress of getting the right app for call recording or simple method use in recording a call without an external app.

Best Ways on How to Record Phone Calls On Android/iOS 

Lets get started. we shall start with most available ways on how to record calls on our smart phones without downloading and installing an external application.

Most smart phones comes with an inbuilt call recording facility.

On android phones, as soon as you dial a number for a call or you pick up a call, the call pad appears showing list of option such as,  speaker, hold, record, contact list. All you need to do is press the record option on the pad and the call begins to record.

 A similar option is also on the iPhones too. But the best ways are using an external application, which we shall discus in details now.

Best Way on How to Record Phone Calls On Android/iOS Using External Application


For both iOS and Android users

Google voice is one unique app that meets your need when it comes to recording phone conversations and it serves both iOS and Android users.

Involved procedures

  1. Go to Google play or iTunes store and download the app
  2. Create an account ( you will need to go Google page to sign in or sign up for a gmail account
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. click on call tab option
  5. check on the record call option under the call option on the app
  6. save the settings or changes made.
  7. To record any call, simply press 4 on your key pad and the call automatically start recording.
  8. To terminate the recording simply press 4 again on your key pad and the recording stops


Android Users only

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR)

For android users, this is my top recommendation for the purpose of call recording.


  • Download the app from Google play store
  • Install the app and launch
  • Open your dialer and start a call
  • Call get automatically get s recorded
  • Go back to the app, choose the recorded conversation and listen or share

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  For iOS

Using TapeAcall App

To enjoy full features of this call recording app, one will need to purchase the premium version but it comes with a lite version that allows you to listen to the recored conversation for one minute.


  • Merge call when conversation begins
  • Select the contact you wish to call or Tab on Add call button and enter the number to call
  • Open the launched app and press the record button
  • Choose your choice of setting
  • Enter activation code sent to your mobile
  • Download app from the app store
  • Install and launch app
  • Activate app by entering your phone number
  • Go back to app and listen to the recorded call


Call Recording App for iPhone users

One other unique about the app is that your recorded conversation is email to to you once the call ends. But it comes only in english

  1. Get app
  2. Enter phone number and email address
  3. Start recording at any tim.


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