Kuri Intelligent Home Robot – A Home Companion and Spy


Mayfield Robotics based in California, unveiled the unbelievable Kuri Robot at their consumers Electronics Show. It is amazing how this robot can quickly fit into home like a friend.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, the use of robot has become more popular.

Robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks automatically with speed and precision.

There are as many different types of smart robots as there are tasks for them to perform such Google Home, Jibo, Amzon Echo and many more out there.

The 20 inch tall and 12 inch wide Kuri  is designed to do all sort of thing in your home.

Kuri’s is equipped with 1080s camera behind it’s eyes for remote security and a laser array to help map user’s home.

The most advanced feature of this  smart robot, is that, it has a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) system that can learn from its environment and its experience.

Mayfield Robotics, say Kuri,  can keep a watch on your home when you’re away and alert you to any strange activity, read kids a story, and even follow you around playing music.

Can Kuri robot be part of the family?

Kuri has plenty of technology packed into it’s portable body. Kri respond quickly to voice command and it touch sensor allows it respond non-verbal communication.

Kuri’s in-built LED light changes color to indicate its current state of moos, and animates playfully when you call its name. “Hey Kuri”

Other feature of Kuri includes :Wifi connections, ability to regonice faces through it in-build camera and can also tell stories.

  • It has an iOS and Android app.
  • Battery life of three hours.
  • In-build sensor to help map object and environment.
  • Kuri Robot moves on a three wheels that help it rotate in any direction, and move from one place to another with easy as it follows you around and goes where you tell it.

The robot will cost consumers about $700 and it’s available for preorder with shipping starting late this year.

Read more from Mayfield here

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