IP Finder –  Find out the location of who chats or Emails you

IP Finder – No more lies. Have you been bugged with a chat or email and the identity of the person is unknown?

It can be frustrating when the identity of an individual we are chatting with or getting an email is undisclosed, even after contacting the person, they still refuse to disclose their geographical location.

No need to worry about that any more. IP Finder will do the job for you with out a single charge.

What is an IP?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every computer technological device has a unique identifier which allows it to communicate with other computer on a network or internet, which is an Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).

What is an Internet Protocol Address?

In simple terms, this is a systematically laid out rule that governs online communication by identifying communication initiating device and the destination of the information sent by the sender.

No computer on a network has the same IP address. This makes it possible to identify and differentiate computer devices on a network

 To read more about IP Addresses Click Here

In this article we shall list out few out of the numerous free IP Finder online.

The steps are simple and the information displayed are self explanatory.

How Do I Find Out the IP Address from a chart?

Finding out the IP address of a person from a chat is simple. We shall be using the NETSTAT Command on window for our example.


  1. Initiate a conversation with the person you intend to find his IP
  2. Open your command prompt. ( Click on Start, then Run, then click CMD) or use the search option and search for CMD
  3. Close other open tabs
  4. Type NETSTAT –an on the cmd

It will display all the established IP connections   and can now pick the fishy IP address you would want to find it’s geographical location.

How To Find Out the IP Address from a Yahoo mail

Log into your Yahoo – mail with your username and password.

Click on Inbox or whichever location  you have stored the mail.

Click on the email you want to track.

Select View Full Header.

Copy the headers and use my IP address detection script to ease the process.

The next thing is to find out the location of the IP Address through any of the listed IP Location finder website listed below for free.

Five Popular IP Finder Online Website

This site are not arranged in any other.


  1. iplocation.net

www.iplocation.net provides many other function, such change IP, VPN, Hide IP and so many more


  1. get-siteip.com

Do the job with this site and be ahead of the gamer

  1. ip-tracker.org


  1. getip.com


  1. http://ipinfo.info/html/ip_checker.php



This listed website will give you access to finding the location of that bugging chat or email. Use any of the above listed site and be ahead of the game.

There are other mobile application that can offer you the same function. Don’t be left in the dark any more. IP finder will get you those hidden information you seek.

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