Mac Shortcut Keys –  Bring out the Best of your Skills

Mac Shortcut Keys – keyboard shortcut keys save you the stress of numerous mouse or input devise clicks.

Added to keyboard are more six modifier keys to help perform task in a simple way without clicks.

Just like the Windows system, there are also mind blowing simple Mac shortcut keys.


Popular Mac shortcut keys commands


Command + X ————————– Cut > just like the copy, but this totally cut the selected item from the destination and copy to the clipboard or a new area.


Command + C ————————– Copy > selected item and keeping the original allowing you to paste elsewhere.


Command +V ————————– Paste > copied or cut item to a new destination or clipboard. Command +c, command +x, command + v all work for files in finder.


Command + Z ————————– Undo > previous command or task.


Command +Shift + Z ————————– Redo > reverse the undo command.


Command + A ————————– Select > All items.

Command + F ————————– Find > this command open the find window or find searched item in a file or document.

Command + G ————————– Find Again > find the nest occurrence of the previous item.

Command +Shift +G ————————– Find > previous occurrence.

Command + H ————————– Hide > the windows on the from App.

Command +Option + H ————————– View> the front app but hide the apps.

Command + M ————————– open new document or window.

Command + P ————————– Print.

Command + S ————————– Save.

Command + W ————————– Close document.

Command +Option + W ————————– Close all windows of the app.

Command +Q ————————– Quit.

Option + Command + Esc ————————–Force quit.




Command + Space bar ————————– Spotlight > show or hide spotlight search field.

Space bar ————————– Quick Look.

Command +Tab ————————– Switch apps.

Shift + Command + 3 ————————– Screenshot.

Command + Comma sign ————————– Preference.

Control + Command + Power button ————————– Force Mac to restart.

Option + Shift + Command + Q ————————– log out Mac user account.

Option + Delete ————————– Delete word to the the left.

Control + Command + D ————————– Show or hide Definition.

Command + T ————————– Show or hide the font window.

Command + D ————————– Duplicate the selected file.

Command + I ————————– Show get info.

Shift + Command + D ————————– Open desktop folder.

Shift + Command + F ————————– Open all my files windows.

Shift + Command + R  ————————– Open AirDrop window.

Shift + Command + N ————————– Create new folder.

Shift + Command + T ————————– Show or hide  Finder tab.

Command + Y ————————– quick look to preview files.

Command + k ————————– Open the connect to server window.

Command + J ————————– Show view Option.

Command + O ————————– Open document folder.

Option + Command + L ————————– Open Download folder.

Command + D ————————– Duplicate the select files.

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Be a professional in your field with great Mac shortcut keys to commit to memory.



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