5 Mobile Scanning App – Download for iOS  and Android – Scan Document

In our day to day activities, their various reason for us to have a duplicate or send a similar document within our reach to some one as fast as possible. Mobile Scanning App……

The use of different office scanner has helped in doing that.

In some cases, where the reach to an office scanner is not accessible, what do you do? The mobile scanning app will do the job perfectly for you and easily

There are a number of mobile scanning app available, but knowing which to choose of finding the app could be time consuming and demanding.

What is a Mobile Scanner?

This is an application that uses the phone camera to capture image of snapped document making you have a soft copy. It is similar to an office desk scanner. But this uses phone camera lens in doing the good job.

What kind of phone can I use in scanning a document?

Any phone that has a good camera system can do the fantastic job for you, it could be an Android or and iOS mobile.

Don’t risk loosing your document, take advantage of any of this mobile scanning app and get your job done.

Here are five Mobile Scanning App

They are not arranged in any other


  1. CamScanner

This app works for both Android and iOS. It very easy to use and enables you to scan documents and save to popular viewing formats PDF. This app will auto crop and increase image quality.

To get additional features one could register for a premium account. This come with more storage cloud space, editable OCT and password protection ability and many more.

Download app

iOS Download app

  1. Scanbot

Looking for a free and accurate mobile document scanner for your iOS device? Then scanbot is an option you got. The free version denies you of some pro feature such OCR, Touch ID support, Themes and many more. You get them from the app store.

Click here to get app

iOS Here

  1. Google Drive

The Google Drive is one powerful tool that goes beyond storing of our information’s and documents. You probably didn’t know it included scanning capabilities. It also enable you scan documents into PDF files and does the OCR.

Get app download here

  1. Genius Scan Plus

Genius Scan Plus support most mobile platforms, captures multi-page documents, photos, save as PDF option cloud storage synchronization, print from app and many more. To enjoy more feature, purchasing a premium plan is advisable.

Install and download app here

iOS Download


  1. Abbyy FineScanner:

Abby finescanner is a heavy OCR engine you want to have on your mobile device.  It also do the following save as PDF option cloud storage synchronization, print from app and many more.

Get and install app here

There are also other mobile scanning app on the app store, you search for them and explore. The above list will get your work done perfectly and easily and safe you time.

File download click

Not need to worry while you are outside of your office or home when needing to scan any document.



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