Nigeria International Passport Renewal –Necessary Requirements & Process

Nigeria International Passport Renewal process and required document to fast track your international passport renewal with no extra charges.



International passport is an essential document required for traveling outside ones country. Many people are not aware on the process of getting new or renewing their passport.


The requirement for people seeking to renewal or new passport divers, depending on their age, citizenship and means of application.

In this article, we shall guide readers on the process and required document of applying for renewal or new international passport.

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To apply for passport renewal is the same process as obtaining a new one. The applicant will still have to do the capture and fill other required form for application.

Here are the list of document the applicant must provide.
  1. Local government identification letter. These other documents can cover for local identification letter. (state of origin certificate, National Identity card, letter of employment of a government organization attached with a valid ID card).
  2. Completed application form.
  3. Two sized passport photograph
  4. Completed guarantor form dully signed.
  5. Birth Certificate. ( the birth certificate has to be from National Population Commission  for those whose date of birth is from Dec 1992).
  6. Acknowledgement slip and evidence of payment


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  • Application letter
  • Old passport Booklet
  • Photocopy of data page carry applicant photo.
  • Evidence of payment of the charged fee




  • Complete application letter.
  • Present passport booklet.
  • Printed or photocopy of data page .
  • Letter stating reason for renewal if the international passport is still valid for more than six month.
  • Payment evidence of charged fee

Charged Fee for Renewal

Fee charged for renewal differ depending on the reason for renewal. ( Expired or Unexpired)

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Categories Age




(Range age)

60 and Above

 64 Page Booklet
Passport Booklet Fee N 8,750  (32 Page Booklet N 15,000 (32 Page Booklet N 8,750  (32 Page Booklet N 20,000
Address verification Fee N 2,000 N 2,000 N 2,000 N 2,000
Total N 10,750 N 17,000 N 10,750 N 22,000




  Ages 0-17 18-59 60 and Above  64 Page Booklet
Fee Passport Booklet N 8,750  (32 Page Booklet N 15,000 (32 Page Booklet .N 8,750  (32 Page Booklet N 20,000
Cost of Address verification 2,000 2,000 Naira2,000 N 2,000
Main Total N 10,750 N 17,000 N 10,750 N 22,000



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Passport Processing Timeline

Fresh Passport Application = 48 Hours

Passport Renewal = 72 hours

Exhausted Passport pages =  72 Hours

Lost Passport =  72 Hours



How to Apply for International Passport Renewal

  1. Visit Nigeria Immigration website Here
  2. Complete Passport application online HERE
  3. Submit application letter with other required documents in person at the passport office chosen during online registration.
  4. Go to the immigration office in person for photograph and biometric data capturing

It always advisable to visit the immigration office for proper registration and confirmation. Applicant are advice not use a third party in processing their international passport to avoid been scammed.


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