Make Secured Payment Offline / Online with Pay Attitude

Make Secured Payment Offline / Online with Pay Attitude – With the advancement in technology, business transaction payments have become easy and faster. Have you had challenge with bad network while making payments? Pay Attitude solves all of that. You can now make payments even offline with just a swap.

I believe most of us are familiar with the internet banking or mobile banking means of making payments, but have had some challenges while making use of theses mediums, either bad network, mobile app not loading at the time needed, low battery or log in details error. Pay Attitude is faster, reliable and works offline.

With just a single swap, your payments are done in done in secured process. No more need to worry for low battery, application failure and many more.

What is Pay Attitude?

This is a chip plus pin tag contactless solution based on Near Field Communication (NFC) it converts a subscriber mobile phone handset to an Near Field Communication device and links the handset to the subscriber Debit or Prepaid Plus ePurse account enabling the customer to debit his/her accounts for different payment transaction.

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Benefit of Pay Attitude

  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. Uses offline and online process
  3. Reliable and fast
  4. One time validation and collection
  5. Secured means of payments.
  6. It can be used by holders to make proximity payments on POS and quick teller.
  7. Linked to mobile money accounts and many more.

Types of Pay Attitude

  1. PayAttitude Debit Plus
  2. Pay Attitude Prepaid Plus
  3. Plus Prepaid Plus

Where to use Pay Attitude

  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Abia
  • Cross River
  • Delta
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Bayelsa
  • Niger
  • Ondo
  • Benue
  • Kaduna
  • Ilorin
  • Kogi
  • Kano

Product Features

  • Linked to a bank account
  • Consist of Tag that can be fixed to back of a mobile phone
  • Makes use of NFC
  • Offer both offline/online capability option.


How to get PayAttitude

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How many Account can you link to PayAttitude?

Has many account but a maximum of 15 accounts with up to three (3) account per bank.


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