Secure and Easy Way of Sharing Large Files Online – Online File Sharing 

Secure and Easy Way of Sharing Large Files Online – Online File Sharing – Have you ever had the challenge of sharing large files to a colleague, friend, or business partner and didn’t know how to go about it even after compressing the documents? Then you this article is for you.

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The need of transferring document online is one of our top options, because its save us a lot, such transportation, road risk and many more.

But knowing the right means of having our files transferred faster and securely is what put many to deeper thinking.

We know confidentiality is our most concern to our office or personal documents. We all try to find means of transferring these document without it being expose to unwanted third party.

It is not just sharing these files online that are our worries but the size of these files, many at times, sending theses heavy files seems impossible because most online file sharing site allow small files to be sent via their site.

Emailing such files comes with its own limitation, not allowing more than 100Mb of file to be attached and sent. What may come to your mind is how do I get such files sent and secured we may be asking right?

Secure and Easy Way of Sharing Large Files Online – Online File Sharing

Here is how to get large files sent online and secured without unwanted person getting to access the file without your permission.



Send unlimited files size with SendThisFile. No need to worry about that file you couldn’t send through email. You can even send larger file via mobile device with SendThisFile.

It is secured, free and premium service are available and a simple registration method

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Benefit of SendThisFile

  1. No time limit to account duration
  2. software installation not required
  3. email attachment not needed
  4. private and secured
  5. unlimited file size transfer

How to register for SendThisFile

  1. Visit SendThisFile website. ( www. )
  2. Enter a valid email
  3. Reconfirm email
  4. Choose a password

You can also sign up using your Facebook ID, Google Plus, or In account

With this, you can send up to 2Gb of file at a go and unlimited file for a the month. no more need to worry on how to send those large file online again.

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