Shadow Fight 2 – Download – Top Martial Art game for Android/iOS

Shadow Fight 2 – Download  – Try this mind capturing and fun-filed Ninja and martial arts tournament fighting game. Looking for game to get you into action while you put your gaming skill in use, then you are the right place!

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There are numerous ninja martial art fighting game, but this is an exception. The action are almost real, the graphics great and the fun is breath taking. You wont want to miss out on this game with more than 50 million downloaders and like in a short period.

shadow fight 2 - Download

What makes Shadow Fight 2 – Download Better

The fluidity, shadow character and animation and the availability of various weapons and fighting styles makes it more unique than other Ninja fighting game. Shadow Fight 2 provide you with a silky smooth animation which most fighting games don’t.

shadow fight 2 - Download

In Shadow Fight 2 – Download ,the RPG elements allows you upgrade your weapon and armor as your progress I the tournament challenge. While you fight through in Shadow Fight 2, you earn gold coin point that can be used to upgrade your choice fighter. Your choice of shadow fighter will now have access to new and powerful weapon to get you more wins in the tournament and earn you more gold.

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shadow fight 2 - Download

Your earned gold can get a you weapon at the in –game shop between fight after which you can upgrade and get more power I the arena.

Shadow Fight 2 – Download, as you take part in the tournament, you are faced with  you six different world, each with an enemy to conquer to move to the next world.

Shadow Fight 2 – Download is a freemium game for Android and iOS phones. I tried it on my pc and it worked.


What moves do I get in Shadow Fight 2 – Download

Basic Strike X for straight punch, Strong Punch – Forward + X, Spinning Punch –Back + X, Front Kick  – Forward + C, Back Kick – Back + C,  Spinning Jumpkick Up + C, Front Jumb Kick – Forward +up+C, Short Jump Kick up+C, Shoulder Throw – X+C, Horse Kick – Down +Back+C, Arm Breaker with finishing – Back +X+C, Slide Finishing – Forward +Down +C, Sky Kick –Dwon + X+C, Throw with Finishing – Forward +x+c, Wall Jumb – Back +up.

You can download Shadow Fight 2 at the play store for android users and App store for Ios users or you simple click on the image link below to get Shadow Fight 2 – Download

shadow fight 2 - Download



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