Share Large Files for Free – Videos/Audios/Text – Secured means of File Transfer

Share Large Files for Free – Videos/Audios/Text – Secured means of File Transfer – Have you been face with the challenge of transferring large files to a friend or colleague in the office and you didn’t know how to go about it? Then you are in the right place.

The need may arise for us to transfer or share large files in our day to day activities and our regular electronic mailing system can’t help out due to the size of the file been shared or transferred.

There are lot of online site who claim to to provide you with the facilities of transferring large files, but their demand required to enable you perform such task can be annoying. Some even provide you with a long registration process taking to whole of your time and many are not even secured.

On the process of using some of the available large file transfer site, you get your information open to vulnerability and other attacks.

In this article, we shall provide you with an easy means, secured, reliable and efficient ways on how to share large files no matter the size on the internet for free and also paid means.

Share Large Files for Free – Videos/Audios/Text – Secured means of File Transfer

For you to successfully share large files fast, securely and efficiently, it’s required you have very good internet connection on ground.

Sites like DropSend, WeTransfer, ShareIt, Filemail and DropBox, Google Drive have made it eaiser to transfer and share large files. But some of the listed site have their limitations

We have carefully hand picked some of the best large file transfer means which we shall discus more in details as we move on in this article.

Recommendations  for quick Large File Transfer.

i. Gather all the document you need to transfer in one folder.
ii. Make it a zip folder ( to make it a zip file, right click on the folder and choose compress for mac users and for for Windows users, you can use win RAR

Large Files Transfer Options FREE and PAID

Free account comes with limited features compared to the paid account. Free account may have little cloud storage duration.

For people who transfer large files occasionally, this is your best option. Paid account users have better option and great advantages and its recommended for people who share large files regularly on the internet.

Lets get started


This is a 21st century file transfer system. It provides you with unlimited file size for transfer and it is free.
Why this is your top option is that it require no registration and sign up.

Steps involved in transferring unlimited large files on Smash

1. Visit www.
2. Click on (click or drop your files here to smash)
3. After uploading, you are brought with two option of either emailing the recipient or sharing the download link and you are done.



This also uses 256 AES high level of encryption method for both PC and mobile and no need of additional software installation.
This procedure required for file transfer are easy and simple. It also comes with a premium version

Involved Steps for file Transfer with DropSend

1. Log in to www.
2. Enter your email address
3. Enter the recipient email address
4. The subject of the mail (optional)
5. Write a message (optional)
6. Select file to be uploaded
7. Click on send and you are done.

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This online file transfer means lets you transfer up to 2GB of file for free users and 20GB and above of files for paid users.
It come some enticing features such as: customizing your back ground, longer storage duration and file protection.

1. Using any browser of your choice log in to www. Wetransfer .com
2. Click on I agree with terms and conditions
3. Click on add files ( this is where you add the files you want share or transfer)
4. Enter your email address
5. Enter the recipient email up to 15 – 30 recipient
6. Add a message of your choice
7. Click on transfer
8. Copy the download link and share by clicking on the share button

You are good to go at this point. Your file is transferred at this point.
Wetransfer uses AES-256 encryption method. So your file are secured.

With any of these large file transfer site, your worries of sharing larges file with colleague, friends or business partners are solved. You can also provide or share other means of large file transfer for free with us on the comment box.




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