Top 5 Video Conferencing – Video Chat Apps – Download and Sign Up

The importance of video chat apps or video conferencing can not be over emphasis. If you wanting to know what video chat/conferencing means or download the app and sign up, then you are the right place.

 We are aware that the benefit of video conferencing is connecting with people either far or near.

 What is video conferencing or video chat?

 This is an online virtual face to face communication that allows both voice and video via a smart phone, computer, other camera devices.

Video chat is not just a convenient way of communicating it makes you feel the presence of the person or group of people you are communicating with.

 Video conference

it provides for both static and dynamic images, text and audio between people in different locations for the purpose of business, education, chat and many more. Giving you a unified communication.

 Benefits of video Chat or video conference

 Business Benefits

Having a large business system of coverage around the globe or in different geographical area and members of the organization are need to communicate on a face to face meeting, the time zone may not permit them traveling and meeting up.

 This where video conferencing or video chat place a very important role. It allows members of a business or organization communicate well at their comfort zone and meet up with business meetings.

 safes the company cost and human risk in traveling. video chat make customers interact business agent while away.


This video communication platform allows communication easily with other student or instructor. This can provide live teaching with lectures from other institution with them needing to visit the institution they are teaching.

It provides comfortable means of learning for student and convenient means of teaching for instructors.


Video conference or video chat has over the years united families. Like the military who go on special assignment for a long period of time. This means of communication has helped them keep in touch with their love once. “keeping the love alive and real”


It is true that video means of communication has made it more fun on most social network forums. It has helped a lot of people promote their business, create jokes and comedy and revenue for many.


5 Top Video Conferencing – Video Chat Apps – Download and Sign Up




It’s amazing features has made it one of the most popular used video conferencing and video chat platform in the world. It’s user are in millions.

It provide you with the privilege of inviting others, making skype to skype video or voice calls for free to any one in world.

 Click here to Download

View more information about skype features and how it work here


Google hangout

This make messaging and voice calls easy. “Hangout brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video call for free with friends across computers, Android, and Apple devices.”

Get App – Download App 

iOS Download here


This gives the chance to make video calls with no registration or invitation required and instantly integrates with your contact list and allows location share




With Tango, every moment is shareable making you call more and seeing the faces of people you care about and do business with for free online. The video quality are at the best you can desire.

 Be a part – Download App here


Cisco WebEx

“now teams can meet, collaborate, and stay productive anywhere anytime, and on any mobile devices system. Cisco WebEx  video conferencing helps you make decision faster, with integrated audio, video and content sharing.”

Be part of the integrating world of Cisco.

Sign up for Cisco WebEx

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