Convert files to any format with Zamzar – free online converter

Wondering how you will convert your file to your desired format and for free not needing to install any app on your device Zamzar free online converter will do your job for you.

Zamzar  is web application that converts file to various format, it was created by two brothers Chris Whyley and Mike in England.

This online application allows user to convert files to various format of their choice because It provides most popular files extension.

With Zamzar user can download and convert video from other websites except youtube due to a C&D order it received from Google legal department in June 12, 2012. But other popular website are available to convert video using URL only.

There are numerous file conversion extension such png, tif, wbmp, ico, gif, csv doc, docx, html, odp, ppt, ps, txt, xml and many more. For music or video available conversion extension, Zamzar provide  aac, flac, ra, ram, ogg, mav, avi, gvi, iphone, mp4, vob and many many more.

So you need not to worry about getting the right format you looking for or desire because they available for free conversion into those format.

Zamzar conversion step are simple and reliable.

This online application give you an amazing convenient and fast file conversion with a support expert to help you when having difficulty in converting any file. You you need to do is email their support team and their dedicated engineers will attend to it.


Step to Converting files for free with Zamzar online application

  1. Visit
  2. Select the file or URL to convert from ( you can also drag and drop file)
  3. Choose your desired format to convert into
  4. Enter your email address to receive converted file
  5. Accept terms and condition and convert your file


You can see how easy it is to convert file to your favourite or proffered format with Zamzar for free. No need to install any application


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