$9 Million number license plate :Meet the fashion luxury man with class

$9 Million customise number plate   :Meet the man behind this fashion luxury world

Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni wanted a highly converted plate bearing the number 5.

He wanted it so much, he bid $9 million (33 million dirhams) for it at a government auction. Cnnmoney.com

In 2008, Abu Dhabi businessman spent $14 million on a license plate being the largest spent on a license plate number.

Popular oil and gold rich country, wealthy elite are willing to spend millions of dollars to get hold on a customized license plate number.

Sahni $9 million number plate also brought him a lot of attention. Any time he make a public outing, people sop him and ask to take pictures with him. Some other people feel he is wasting his money because their other better ways to spent his money.

According to CCNMoney, “ it’s hard, people giving comments without knowing the type of person I am,” Sahni told CNNMoney.com He described himself as “ a simple man.”

Sahni customize No. 5 license plate is not his first time he his spending such huge amount on number plate. He secured a NO. 9 plate with a winning bid of  $6.7 million at a government auction last year.

Sahni believes his luxury purchase of license plate is a way of contributing to the public. He believes the money will go to charity and toward improving the city infrastructure.

A website  (numbers.ae) was set up by two brothers Abdulkerim Arsanov and his brother were made to link sellers with buyers.

$735,000 was recorded as their biggest deal through their website so far.

The site is said to get 500 to 800 visitors daily.

Sahni’s habit of spending large amount of money on license plate could generate extra web traffic for them on the future.

What may be his next bid for the gift he will is what lover of his act and style await.


news from cnn.com

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