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Article forge – finding it difficult in writing some great SEO content/article for your blog or website due to lack of time or other reasons, Article forge will do that for you with ease read more.

We all know how important high quality SEO content is when it comes to writing a great content for our audience. But most time we either out of ideas, lack words or don’t know how to meet up with our competitor on a particular subject. This can be frustrating in some cases.

Why not safe your self the stress and the headache of getting a good SEO content, Article forge will will do the job for you better than you can imagine.


This is a system that uses sophisticated algorithm t automatically write fresh and unedited or copied article just as human does.  It is easy for Articleforge to generate and research on any topic due to it deep understanding algorithm making it content approved and ranked top in SEO.

You may wonder possible it is for a system to generate unique articles like it from human right! It ability to read millions of of article and learning what it required to generate high quality  SEO contents makes its possible.

Many have said “Article forge is the only tool ever released capable of automatically writing high quality articles.”

There are several other content generator, Article forge writes its own article using it’s own words without returning duplicate content.

Some other unique feature it boast about is that, it can easily completely automate SEO and has the ability to automatically post on wordpress with the post scheduling option available

Looking for ways to automatically add Videos, images, and title while you attending to other things? Article forge guarantees that.

Article forge provides the following member categories

  1. A 5 day free trial period
  2. Monthly payment of $47 providing you with many packages such as

High quality content, no proxies required, no programing required, no scraping required, content passes copyscape and many more.

  1. $297 for a year plan with more features than the monthly plan

The system guarantee you of money back in 30 day



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