President Mohammed Buhari  in Abuja  during a statement signed by Mallam Garda Shebu his media special assistant said ‘’All citizens of Nigeria are free to move and live within any part of the country they please  whether or not they are originally from there.

‘In line with our country’s constitution, the Government of Nigeria and the administration of President Mohammed Buhari will protect citizens of Nigeria wherever they find themselves

‘’No one has the right to ask anyone or group to depart from any part of the country whether north, east, south, east or west


The president said ‘’they have on one’s authority to make such pronouncements

The Buhari administration is totally dedicated to finding a lasting solution to the herder –farmer’s clashes in different part of Nigeria –one that would be acceptable to all the parties concerned.




Ex aid of President Goodluck Jonathan Reno Omokri has suspected Buhari as being the Government of Herdsmen, he wrote in his tweeter handle on Thursday  ‘’when CNGs coalition of Northerners Group issued a threat to southerners he Buhari kept mute however currently  he has sent a message to Fulani Herdsmen  on Wednesday telling them to  ignore the order issued   by Northern elders forum leader requesting them to return back to the north since their safety is no longer guaranteed in the southern part of the country.


He conjointly wrote’’Buhari in Government for Nigeria or Herdsmen? //BuhariBehindHerdsmen.


This is coming after the Northern Elders Forum leader Professor Ango  Abdullahi gave out an order to all herdsmen in the southern part of the country to return to their home town as their security is  no longer a guarantee in the south, He stressed that their safety is more paramount than residing in the south

‘’this a country we all have to keep together but not at the expenses of other section he said

The Pan Youruba Social Political group and Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo also said the call is arrogant and insensitive, the group said they were flabbergasted that the leader of NEF could issue such order without seeking the consent of other colleague on the forum


The group also maintained that the NEF has joined the youth who gave a 30- day’s ultimatum   to the southerners to accept Ruga or face an unpleasant consequences

Pan Delta Forum

In a like manner the Pan Delta Forum accused the NEF of being behind all the evil act of criminal activities meted out by this deadly herdsmen within the south and middle Belt


The group asked the NEF to also call all Northerners who owns oil block in Niger Delta to surrender such assets 

‘’What they should have added if they are truly honest is that the resources from the south which is employed to sustain the country that’s the oil and gas resources from Niger Delta should no longer be used to sustain the Northern part of the country otherwise the Federal Government should get these NEF arrested for beating the drum of war

Middle Belt Forum

The president of the Middle Belt Forum DR. Bitrus Porgu supported the order given by the NEF on the ground that it will avert the impending genocide and anarchy in the country 

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He maintained that what has been happening in the country is deliberate that is why knowing the outcome will be disastrous, are calling back the herdsmen.

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortem who spoke on the 3rdannual conference of soil science society of Nigeria at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi c] encourage the federal Government to leave the issues of Ruga settlement and seek solution to the issue of desert encroachment and lack of enough vegetation.

















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