2Baba Cried – was is it true Love for the Nation or Pain of Denial?

2Baba Cried – True Love for the Nation or Pain of Denial – 2Baba voiced out to Monday’s protest in a video he shared on one of his social media account. The singer was thankful to Nigerians especially youth who continued with the protest, even without him and also mocked those who called him a coward, saying that at least he’s made his voice heard in the first instance.

Could it really be the love for his nation or the denial of him saying out his mind in a peaceful protest that made him cry is still what many of his fans are wanting to know.

It is no news that many Nigerians are suffering after voting in a government they believed would have brought about fast and long lasting positive change as promised in all of their campaign.

#IStandwithNigeria Protest took a twist after Nigeria popular singer and many award winning star 2baba, canceled his involvement in the protest. Many believe the government had threatened him and that lead to his sudden back out.

Many had called him an illiterate with no proper home bringing. It is no news that the legendary music star has kids out of wed luck. This made his critics believe he was not qualified to lead a peaceful protest against the government.

2Baba had announced the cancellation of the protest scheduled for Monday before the planned date. His fans believed his decision was a result of the intense pressure from top government officials.

Nwokocha had said in social media “My Cousin who is a neighbor and close friend to 2Face, has confirmed he his alive but pretty shaken up after he was taken by DSS last night. My cousin also went to say that TuFace has refused to disclose what he was subjected to while being held but from his looks and how jumpy he has been, his life and those of family members have been threatened.”

Comedian Gordons Calls 2Baba the only illiterate who can sing correctly – 2Baba Cried

 Comedian Gordons  in an interview with GoldMyneTV,  said that 2Baba is not a politician but a musician who should have fought the government with his music and not a protest.

He explained that Legendary musicians like Fela, Osayomore Joseph, Sonny Okosun fought the government with the tools they were used to.

Gordons said “2face is my mentor when it comes to music. He is one musician I adore, Legendary to me but you cannot use a tool that you are not used to. When Fela was fighting the government, he used a tool that he was used to. Osayomore Joseph fought government and used a tool that he was used to. Sonny Okosun before he died, he used a tool he was used to. How on earth will 2face be fighting a fight that he’s not used to? 2face is not a politician, he’s a musician. If you want to lead a protest, you should lead it with music”

“How are you going to express yourself 2face when microphone is right in your face and you are asked to express your grievance and the reason why you are protesting? You can’t express yourself, it’s not your game. Do it with music you are used to. 2face is the only illiterate who can sing correctly,” he added

2Baba Cried – Gordons apologized to 2Baba via text message

Nigerian Comedian Gordons has tendered an apology to 2Baba over a statement he made in a recent interview, describing the musician as the “only illiterate who can sing correctly in music”.

In a video on his Instagram page, Gordons said that he did not intend to insult 2Baba or “bring a fight”, adding that he had sent his apology in an SMS to 2Baba.

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