Inhuman 2017 Istanbul attack –  Many Killed and Injured

For many around the world, 2017 new year celebration was a time of love, peace, joy and a moment to thank their makers for seeing another great year. But the case was different at Istanbul.

Reina nightclub turned sour on the new year Sunday, as yet to be identified attacker lunched gun fire in the club.

The attacker lunched gun fire at the club as hundreds of people celebrated and marked the new year with joy.

More than 35 people have been confirmed death  and at least 69 sustained some degree of injuries from 207new year  Istanbul attack.


The fleeing attacker left his gun at the scene according to the Turkish Prime minister Binali Yildirim.

Turkish police have lunched a manhunt for the terrorist. The reason for the attack is yet unknown.

In a related new by CNN.COM, An eyewitness told CNN, “ After the gunfire everyone started to run toward the terrace. We ran as well. There was someone next to mw who was shot and fell on the floor. We ran and hid under the sofas.”

Some people jumped into the strait, he said a testament to panic that engulfed the nightspot. Temperatures were near freezing in Istanbul and yet people were willing to leap into the frigid water to escape.

During an address Pope Francis totally condemns the attack. Turkish authorities have describe the Istanbul attack as a terrorists work, despite no group yet claiming responsibility.

Contradicting to early report that the attacker was dressed as Santa Claus, report has confirmed that the Istanbul attacker was not dressed as Santa Claus.

A French Tunisian, Israeli, Lebanese and Belgian national were among the foreigners killed in the attack.

All hand are on deck to apprehend the attacker. Many families have been put into mourning by the inhuman attack.

What could be the reason for the inhuman attack is what a lot of people are wondering.

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