Mexico Popular fireworks market explosion : Many feared killed in the blast

fireworks  market explosion : Many feared killed in the blast.

fireworks  market explosion – Dozen have been reported dead and many injured as result of an explosion at the fireworks market outside Mexico city on Tuesday.

Occupants in the neighboring towns reported that they could feel the ground shake beneath their feet as fireworks stalls exploded in Tultepec few miles away from Mexico city.

San Pablito market is popularly known for fireworks sales.

Videos from other reporting site shows large number of fireworks rocketing into the air as the blast sent huge plumes of smoke covering a part of the sky.  see

The cause of the explosion at the popular  Mexico fireworks market is yet unknown.

According to BBC news, “Eruviel Avila, governor of the State of Mexico, said some children had suffered burns to more than 90% of their bodies and they were being sent to the US city of Galveston, Texas, for specialized treatment”. read more …

Most of those killed are so badly burned their bodies will have to be identified using DNA testing.

fireworks market  explosion damage

Over a decade agao, San pablito market was heavily damaged in September 2005, by similar occurrence injuring tens of people just before the country’s independence day celebration.

Authorities are trying to assist people in locating their love ones.

This is a sad day for many families who have lost love ones in the Mexico fireworks market  explosion.

The government is doing everything possible in helping the injured survivals from the fireworks explosion.

The christmas season has turned sour for many, what may’ve caused the explosion is still yet unknown.

Many families are still finding their love ones from the  fireworks market  explosion.

Will families recover from the unexpected shock? A lot of survival of the popular Mexico fireworks market  explosion would wish they never went there that Tuesday.

We all pray for their quick recovery for the survivals and the fortitude to bear the loss to families who lost their love ones in the  fireworks market  explosion.

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