Whatsapp for Pc – Download whatsapp for Windows and iOS PC

Whatsapp for Pc – Download whatsapp for Windows and iOS PC – We all know  about one of the most widely use and effective social media (WhatsApp). Its importance and effectiveness in reaching out to love ones, promote business and disseminate important information can not be over emphasis. You can now download and install this powerful app on your PC and enjoy larger screen and many more.

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If you have ever desired a bigger screen for your whatsapp, then your desired are right in front of you.

With whatsapp for pc, you have that desired large screen and better graphical user interface for your chat and business promotion.

With the new features of video calls, chat calls, screen shot, recording and better secured and reliable messaging, has made whatsapp for pc on a high demand with millions of customers downloading it daily.

Have you ever thought of having your whatsapp video call on a PC?  it is recommended that you try whatsapp for pc.

In this article, we shall put you through on how to successfully download and install whatsapp for pc freely and have better experience.

With whatsapp for pc, you are assured of getting fast, secured messaging, free video call, simple and reliable whatsapp conversion with any body on your contact list.

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whatsapp for pc – Download whatsapp for Windows and iOS PC

Their are two major ways of getting whatsapp for pc downloaded and installed on your PC.

We shall discuss on the simple’s procedure on how to get the app here for your comfort and pleasure. Ensure you follow the steps.


 For MAC Users OX 10.9 plus

  1. Directly download it from the WhatsApp website ( whatsapp.com).
  2. Click on Mac or Windows PC on the home page.
  3. It will lead you to the next page where you are to select the operating system of your choice.
  4. Click on your choice OX and the download begins ( wait till the download is completed which will not take time, depending on your internet connection).
  5. Locate the location of your download, and install. (open the zip file and run the app
  6. During your first installation, the app will prompt you if you would like to add WhatsApp to you application folder and dock. (approve it)
  7. After installation is complete launch App
  8. Scan the QR code to log in
  9. And you are good to go

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For Windows PC users (Window 8and above)

  1. Open download page on your browser to download the exe file (www.whatsapp.com).
  2. Locate downloaded file after download is complete, open exe whatsapp file.
  3. Install app and launch whatsapp on your computer
  4. Scan the QR code to log in
  5. That is all ( you are now good to go and enjoy your whatsapp)

Your messages are fully synchronized between your computer and mobile, allowing you to view and modify your chats on both device. All actions taken on any of the device applies on the other device instantly.

How Do I Send Messages, Photos And Videos On whatsapp for pc?


  1. Click on the attachment icon at the top right side of your chat.
  2. Choose whether you want to take a new picture or video or send an existing one from your computer.
  3. Select the gallery icon to pick your file from your stored location on your computer. (you can only send a maximum of 10 pictures or video on a go).
  4. you can either choose your camera icon to use your computer cam in taking photo or making video.
  5. Use or click on the send icon to send selected video and photos
  6. Alternatively, use the drag and drop option in selecting and sending your files.

 How To Send Voice Message Using whatsapp for pc 

  1. Use the Microphone icon  – click on the microphone next to the text button
  2. speak into the microphone
  3. After you mint have finish recording, click on the good icon to send your recorded voice message.

How to Save Photo or Video to Your Computer?

  1. Left Click on the video or Photo you desired to save.
  2. Using your mouse or track pad, click the download icon in the top right corner
  3. Save to your choice location.

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